Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amidst the Midnight Gray

Amidst the Midnight Gray
To hide from light, I dreamt all day
and woke amidst the midnight gray
to frantic pulls within my heart
to venture out into the dark
and see if you had come for me,
some arcane wordless mystery,
I stood again beside the veldt
enthralled in all the gloom I felt.
And when the hour became an instance,
with one last look into the distance,
I'd sigh and slowly walk back home
to wait for night, again, alone.

I dont usually write poetry..well I never do I. I gave it up when a long time ago when I didnt have anything even worth writing about... I say I hate poetry all the time... but I dont, I guess I just hate most modern peoples poetry...It usually sucks...maybe this does too but I like it so up it goes. obviously iv been reading too much poe and Irving lately, get over it :)

Quick updates:
We are moving right now so very busy, new artwork up so check that out if you havent. I don't think Iv added it all to the website yet but that will happen.... at some point.
I have turtles. They have a lifecam. Its pretty intense. not really.

Um... need food and sleep. <3

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