Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My passion, blessed.

I just had an interesting conversation with someone I would have never In my life thought I would ever have the chance to meet, let alone have a conversation with, and It was only after the fact that I realized that I have reached a point in my career, my passion, my life... that I never ever thought that I would have ever gotten to.... And then, I got to thinking...

I have had the privilege of speaking with some of my all time heroes, getting advice from people I would have never thought id possibly have contact with or acknowledgment from, since I started this journey that I am on. And still to this day, I am in complete denial of the presences of awe I have been in and the amazing conversations, insights and opportunities That I have had, creatively from my conversations, and experiences with these people. I am the luckiest girl In the world!

I have been given the gift of having random opportunites to talk to some of the most wonderful and insightful [FAMOUS] people in the world...And as slowly and surley as it has happened...I want to make sure that I dont take it forgranted, forget it, or write it off because without these people I really and truly would not be where I am today, Or be where I will be tomorrow!